Manage Email Settings


1. Logon to SupraWEB 

  • Click the Login button to go to SupraWEB: 


  • On the Login page, enter your User ID and your Password: 

      Login Credentials


2.  Edit your email settings:

  • Click on SETTINGS in the top navigation bar
  • Click on General Email:    SupraWEBEmailSettings.png
  • Check or uncheck the settings box(es)


Setting Definitions:

Email ​ Address - This is the email address uesd by SupraWEB.  This field is not connected to any other Supra system.

Showing Emails -  If you have a keybox assigned on SupraWEB, you can use this feature to be notified by email of showings on your keybox.

Feedback Emails - ​This will send you an email each time someone has left feedback on one of your keyboxes that you have assigned on SupraWEB.

Reminder Emails - This will send you an email to remind you to add feedback to listing agents on properties you have shown.

Listing Update Emails - This makes your email address available to agents whose properties you have shown. They may want to notify you of a price reduction or some change in the status of a listing that you've shown.


3. Finalize the changes: 

  • Click Save to set your changes.