ActiveKEY Battery Charging Tips

The ActiveKEY uses power as it keeps itself updated during the day. To get the best performance from your ActiveKEY, follow these suggestions.

1. The ActiveKEY is designed to communicate with a cellular tower on a regular basis to send and receive information. This activity uses battery power so the ActiveKEY should be charged using the wall charger at least every other night to make sure the battery doesn't drain completely.

2. When you first get your ActiveKEY, connect it to the provided wall charger for 8 hours for the initial charge.

3. To charge the ActiveKEY, plug the wall charger into a working electrical outlet and into the port on the ActiveKEY marked 6VDC. The ActiveKEY screen should display the charging status.

4. The car charger provides a quick charge, but may not provide a long lasting charge, and should not be relied on for fully charging your ActiveKEY. Some car charging systems only work when the car ignition is on.


5. If the batteries on the ActiveKEY are allowed to discharge completely so that the key no longer turns on, the ActiveKEY will need at least 4 hours of charging and will display a CALL TO ENABLE message.


Note: Keep your ActiveKEY within acceptable operating temperatures. Your ActiveKEY is designed to operate in temperatures between -4° and 131°F (-20° and 55°C). Low- or high-temperature conditions may shorten battery life or ause the ActiveKEY to malfunction. If the ActiveKEY is below 32°F (0°C) or above 113°F (45°C), the battery will not charge. For maximum battery life, story your ActiveKEY at room temperature. DO NOT leave an ActiveKEY in hot environments, including a car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range.