DisplayKEY Battery is Low

If your key has been off the cradle for an extended period of time or has stopped charging the DisplayKEY, a low battery may result. If your key is 'dead' or won't turn on the battery is probably completely depleted and must be recharged.

There are two indications that the cradle may have stopped charging your DisplayKEY:
  • If the cradle lights are alternating Amber/Orange for an extended period of time.
  • If you remove the DisplayKEY from the cradle and the green light doesn't go off after 10 seconds.

To get your DisplayKEY's battery to charge properly disconnect the phone line from the back of the cradle before following the steps below.

When the DisplayKEY begins charging it may try to dial out over and over instead of charging the battery. Disconnecting the phone line prevents this.

Resetting the Cradle

  1. Disconnect the round black power connector from the back of the cradle.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then plug the connector back in.
  3. Allow the lights to cycle between amber and green, then go off, and stay off
  4. Place the DisplayKEY in the cradle and let it charge for 2-4 hours. The cradle lights may flash and the DisplayKEY may say 'Low Battery', these things may happen for up to 45 minutes.
  5. When the DisplayKEY's battery has charged back up connect the phone line to the back of the cradle and try a manual eSYNC to makes sure the DisplayKEY is working properly. 

If, after charging for several hours, the key still does not respond, call Support and get a reference number (or, if this document was mailed to you from support, use the reference number in the subject line) and ask your Association/MLS about a replacement key.