Assign a Listing to a Keybox

Updating Keybox Assignments on SupraWEB

If you have a keybox already assigned on SupraWEB, you can:

  • Assign a listing to it
  • Unassign it from a listing
  • Assign a new listing to it

Log on to SupraWEB

  • Click the Login button to go to SupraWEB:


  • On the Login page, enter your user ID and your Password:
     Login Credentials

If you have a listing already assigned to the keybox, you will need to unassign it first:   

Unassign your old listing (if necessary)

  • Click on LISTINGS in the top navigation bar
  • In the listing inventory, click on the MLS # you wish to unassign
  • On the left-side of the screen, click the "unassign Liting" link and confirm it

Assign the new listing ID

  • On the left-side of the screen, click the drop-down for Assign Listing

   Assign Listing

  • Enter the MLS number for the listing associated with that keybox in the text field
KeyBox Information

  • Click  Assign