Unresponsive Keybox

Unresponsive iBox, iBox BT, or iBox BT LE

There are three possible reasons the keybox does not respond when attempting to obtain the key or release the shackle. 

  • The shackle or key container is jammed 
  • There is poor communication between the keybox and your key
  • The keybox has failed

  • Jammed shackle

    1. Grasp the keybox in one hand and the shackle in the other.
    2. Move the shackle from side to side and up and down to see if you can loosen it, then try to release the shackle again.
    3. Push down on the shackle and up on the bottom of the keybox, as if you were trying to close the shackle, and, while keeping the pressure on, try to release the shackle again.
    4. If you cannot release the shackle, contact your Association/MLS for further instructions.

    Jammed key container

    1. Grasp the keybox with one hand the reach under the keybox and try to wiggle the key container to loosen it, then try to obtain the key again.
    2. If it appears that a house key is jammed between the keybox and the key container, AND the keybox is yours, try sliding a thin strong object such as a metal fingernail file up between the inside of the keybox and the key container, to dislodge it. 
    3. If you are unable to loosen the key container, AND the keybox is yours, remove the keybox from the listing and contact your Association/MLS for further instructions.
    4. Note: If the keybox is NOT yours please contact the listing agent and let them know there is a problem with the keybox. Please do not attempt anything that could cause damage to someone else's keybox.

    Poor communication

    1. Polish the infrared lens on your key and on the front of the iBox with a dry cloth.
    2. Try to shade both the infrared lens on the key and the infrared lens on the iBox from any light. Infrared communications works better in less light.
    3. Hold your key 4 to 8 inches from the front of the iBox and point your key directly at the infrared lens on the iBox, just like a TV remote.


    Failed iBox Programming

    1. If you were able to open an iBox right before this one and can open others after this one, or if other agents can't open this iBox, the iBox programming may have failed.
    2. If this is the case, the keybox owner or listing agent may call the Association/MLS for further instructions.