eKEY Resources

The latest version of the Supra eKEY® app requires:

  • Apple® iOS 12 or later ​​​​
  • Android™ OS 8 or later


eKEY - App Setting *NEW*

eKEY - Authorize eKEY App

eKEY - Assign a Listing to a Keybox
eKEY - Showing Notifications (enable and view)
eKEY - Showing Notifications (location services)
eKEY - Changing Shackle Code
eKEY - No Cell Service
eKEY - Agent Alert
eKEY - Edit Keybox Data
eKEY - Obtain Key & Open Shackle
eKEY - Keyboxes 101
eKEY - Payment Management (keyholders pay Supra)
eKEY - Call-Before-Showing (CBS) Codes
eKEY - One-Day PIN Code (members eKEY)

Supra System - New Member Orientation

Opening a Key Container with the Supra eKEY App

Using the Apple Watch with the Supra eKEY App
Create Real-Time Showing Notes

Supra Home Tour - Agent Information

Supra Home Tour - Buyer Information


eKEY Quick Guide
eKEY Basic Refresh Guide

eKEY Professional Refresh Guide

eKEY User Manual

eKEY Error Codes

eKEY Basic/Pro Comparison

eKEY Fob Instructions

eKEY Payment Management

Supra Home Tour Quick Guide

Agent Alert Instructions

NMA Instructions for Mobile Devices

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Add a Keybox to a Listing

Remote Programming 


Resources for the original version of the Supra eKEY application can be found by clicking here.

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