Frequently Asked Questions

1)   How much does insurance cost?
Insurance coverage costs $25.00 a year.
2)   Is insurance offered for eKEYs?
Insurance is not available for shell-less eKeys. If the Software installed for eKEY is corrupted it can be reinstalled free of charge.


3)   What does insurance cover?
Insurance covers loss, theft, and accidental damage. In any of these cases, an insured key will be replaced free of cost. Replacement costs for uninsured keys are:

DisplayKEY - $150 plus tax

DisplayKEY Cradle - $99 plus tax

ActiveKEY.- $249 plus tax

4)   How do I update my address?
Account Information can be changed or updated by using the Account Information Page.  
5)   How do I update my phone number?
Phone number can be updated on the Account Information Page.
6)   How do I change or update my credit card information?
Billing information can be changed or updated by using the Account Information Page.

7)   What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made online with either Debit Cards or Credit Cards or by entering check account and routing number for Electronic Check processing. Card types accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (US only) 
8)   If I make a payment online, how will it appear on my Bank Statement?
Supra; Supra, a UTCFS Company; or UTC Fire & Security 
9)  How do I view my Account Balance?
Once logged into SupraWEB, select Billing and the first screen is the View Account Balance page that will show all outstanding balances if any. 
10)   How do I make a payment?
Once logged into SupraWEB, click "Billing" at the top. Select invoice for payment in the View Account Balance page by checking the Box on the right. Click Pay Selected. In the next page, enter the payment information and click on Pay Now. 
11)   How soon will the charge appear on the Bank Statement?
All payments are authorized within 24 hours of submission of payment to be processed.
12)   How do I view my Billing History?
Billing History can be viewed by clicking on the Billing History option available on the menu on the left.
13)   If I cancel my service will I receive a refund?
There are no refunds on cancellations that occur on or after your due date. To avoid additional charges you must cancel your service BEFORE your due date. 
14)   How do I stop the monthly charges for my eKEY?
To cancel your eKEY service, you must contact your Board, Association or MLS to have your key number unassigned from the system to avoid further charges. 
15)   Are refunds reflected in Billing History?
Billing History does not provide information on refunds or invoices credited due to nonpayment. For those cases, call 1 877 699 6787, option 2, then option 8.


16)   Can I set up my DisplayKEY or ActiveKEY account to have paperless billing or automatic charges?
Yes! Supra is happy to offer electronic invoicing (paperless) and automatic charges for all key types now. To manage your billing and payment options, update your selections using the Account Information page.