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Certain smartphones require hardware to communicate with lockboxes. Check the chart of Certified Devices to see whether your phone requires an eKey Adapter or eKEY Fob to communicate with specific iBox models.

Please check with your Association/MLS for the best pricing and availability of these eKEY hardware products. You may also order these items directly from Supra by logging into your SupraWEB account and selecting Online Ordering or faxing in the accessories order form.

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 eKEY Fob for Android and BlackBerry® 

Android and BlackBerry smartphones require an eKEY Fob to access the original iBox. The eKEY Fob is not required to access the iBox BT (Bluetooth iBox) but can communicate with it if desired.

The eKEY Fob is easy to set up, much like a Bluetooth headset, and uses the small, replaceable CR2016 batteries.

To use the eKEY Fob, begin the operation on your smartphone. When prompted, press the button on the eKEY Fob until the green light flashes, then point the eKEY Fob at the iBox.


eKEY Adapter for iPhone® and iPad®

iPhone and iPad devices require an eKEY Adapter to access the iBox and iBox BT (Bluetooth iBox).

The eKEY Adapter has a key ring for easy placement on a key chain, a connector plug, and an infrared transmitter.  It may be plugged into the iPhone, iPad, or Lightning connector for iPhone 5. The eKEY Adapter does not contain any batteries and draws little power from the iPhone or iPad when in use.  The eKEY Adapter is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

To use the eKEY Adapter, begin the "Obtain Key?" operation on your device. When prompted, simply slide the adapter out of its cover and attach it to your iPhone or iPad.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. BlackBerry is a trademark of Research in Motion (RIM). Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. Apple, iPhone, iPad, and Lightning are  trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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