eKEY Refresh

Supra is excited to announce a completely refreshed eKEY app and an all new Supra Home Tour app for buyers.

eKEY App Enhancements:

  • Modern look and feel with an Obtain Key button that is easy to reach with either left or right thumb
  • Showing details available in app – new for eKEY Basic users!
  • Data at the door – current listing information displayed after opening a keybox (with organization data agreement in place)
  • Agent alert notification to send an alert email/text at the press of a button (organization can elect to turn on alert feature)
  • Open a keybox using the phone's biometric capabilities
  • Ability to enter PIN once per day
  • Open a keybox with an Apple Watch
  • Faster opening of the keybox with an Android device (will match current quick speed of opening keyboxes with Apple devices)


eKEY Professional features include all basic-level, plus:

  • Exclusive access to invite buyers to rate and keep track of homes they have toured using an all new Supra Home Tour app
  • New buyer roster
  • New buyer feedback that is automatically delivered to eKEY app when your buyer rates a home
  • Send real-time listing-specific showing notes to keybox without visiting listing; these showing notes are displayed in the eKEY app when the keybox is opened
  • Listing information in app updated more frequently

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